San Diego Private Dog Walker


The San Diego Dog Walkers here at PMVL offer a private 30 minute or 60-minute walk, undivided attention and peace of mind for your best friend. Exercise consistency is critical; dogs need exercise in other to maintain muscle tone and prevent muscle wasting. Walking your dog keeps his bone stronger and also keeps him\her from getting bored. A PMBL dog walk gives your dog the boost it needs, and this is dependent on the dog breed, the dog size, and energy. There are expert tips for dog walking which we adhere to at PMBL this includes ensuring the dog is on a leash in public areas unless it’s an off-leash zone, proper identification of the dog, and taking fresh water along during the walk to keep the dog hydrated. Every dog has a unique personality that differentiates it from the pack, in private sessions the intensity of the exercise will be channeled to your dog’s own distinct energy level.

Why Pets and Their Owners Love PMBL

The San Diego Licensed Pet Sitter & Dog Walking Services here at Play More Bark Less are unparalleled because we are true animal lovers! We believe pets are family members who happen to have four legs & fur coats. Our philosophy is as follows: exercise, routine, patience, positive reinforcement, and lots of love are the “magic formula” for a healthy & happy pet. This philosophy has served us well in raising and caring for so many wonderful animals. Want to join the pack? We guarantee you’ll come home to a calmer & happier furry one!  Dozens of pet owners just like you have booked hours of walks, hikes, stays and fun with our professional dog walkers here in San Diego. Try PMBL once and you’ll see how pawsome we are! Here’s why.


Reliability is paramount in a dog walking service, and understand that rain or shine we will be there every time...

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Customer Service

The PMBL team is here to serve you, and we make every effort possible to keep you and your pup wagging…

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Superior Technology

The most advanced cutting-edge technology in the dog walking industry right in your hands…

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Quality of care is another core value here at Play More Bark Less and it defines our daily lives…

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Because every dog, cat, bird, and pot belly piglet is uniquely different, so are our services…

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At Play More Bark Less, we understand the importance of security and feeling safe in your home and we take it very seriously...

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